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SOLID FOOTING™ is a division of 4 Thirteen.

We sell motivation and encouragement to coaches, parents and athletes because we all need ways to motivate and reinforce a winning message! Our product is foot-shaped cards with encouraging messages from The Bible. Coaches and parents give these inspirational cards to their athletes, who in turn insert them into their shoes. The cards are subtle reminders that it is possible to play with character and a winning attitude, because we stand on a solid foundation. We stand on something much bigger than ourselves!

Food card with Hebrews 12:1 as the text

Example of a SOLID FOOTING™ card

There is a strong connection between faith, character and a winning attitude. While there are many motivational posters and gear, an athlete can’t take those items onto the playing field. Our cards give reminders to persevere and win while they are in the middle of the battle.

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