4 Thirteen

Church in the Middle Endorsement

Rolland Daniels has certainly taken the pulse of congregations in the 21st century with his book, “Church in the Middle.”  His definition of the Missional Church is clear and concise and should be read by all Pastors and church leaders.  The book is not only descriptive, it is also perscriptive, giving specific steps of action to “Go into the world (get outside the church building) and make disciples.”  This is a ‘must read’ if you want to increasingly reach people for Christ in the 21st Century.  It would make a great study for small groups, Outreach Committees, Missions Boards, and all church staff and leadership people.  I heartily endorse Rolland’s book, “Church in the Middle.” John Spear, Pastor and Area Administrator for Church of God Congregations in Wyoming