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Review of Church in the Middle

Each year newly ordained ministers receive a book as a gift from our state assembly. It is intended to encourage excellence in ministry through continual learning. It is also intended to give the candidate a practical, timely resource for ministry. This year we were excited to give each one a copy of Rolland Daniels’ new book, Church in the Middle: Stepping outside the building to reach the world of tomorrow. This book challenges the reader to lead the local church toward missional and relational goals in new avenues of ministry and evangelism. Written in a practical, workbook format, it can be used by the individual reader or as a group/class study to challenge the reader(s) to embrace the new “harvest field” of the next generation in our communities. Daniels also leads the reader(s) down paths into this new “harvest field” with a plan and purpose for the challenge.

I highly recommend this book for any church pastor and/or Christian groups committed to reaching current and near future generations with the Gospel message.

Dr. Esther Cottrell
Associate Director
Ohio Ministries of the Church of God

One thought on “Review of Church in the Middle

  1. Ellen Daniels

    Awesome book, written by a man who lives out what he believes. I’m a bit biased, because I am his wife. But, I also have the inside scoop on this guy! And he has lived out this message of “getting outside the walls of the church to do ministry” ever since I’ve known him. This really is a clarion call to do ministry like our example, Jesus Christ did. Jesus went to the people. Simple, yet we in the church today have made this seem difficult. Get outside of your comfort zone. Get outside of your churches. Get with God’s people, even if they are not church people… and influence them for Christ!