4 Thirteen

Attractional to Missional

But how can churches make the shift from
attractional to missional?
I wrote the book, Church in the Middle, in response to this question. I believe that most believers want to make a difference in this world for Jesus sake. I also believe most congregations want to make a difference for the same reason. The difficulty is that most of us have been trained and raised in the land of attractional; and if we are honest, we simply don’t know how to make our way to the land of missional.
The majority of the churches today are based on an attractional philosophy. The question that drives and guides our ministries is this: How do we get people to come to our church? Our programs and initiatives are built around discovering ways to answer that question.
Ultimately, we have convinced ourselves that the Great Commission
can be lived out within the walls of our buildings.
The truth is: It cannot.
We must realize the days of people coming to us are over; particularly in regards to the younger generations. They are no longer moved by the big show or big buildings. These young folks don’t want to hear about faith; they want to see, touch, smell and taste faith. For them, it is all about carrying Jesus outside the walls and caring for others in His name and love. They want a tangible faith that makes a tangible difference.
This year I celebrate my thirty-first year in ministry. I have pastored congregations both small and large. My life and calling finds its meaning in Kingdom work. Simply put, I love the Church. Yet, deep inside my heart, I believe that unless the church sees ministry differently and engages our communities in a new way, the Kingdom will not influence and impact our culture the way it should. And, the church, as many of us know it, will become more and more irrelevant as we hold on to that which is not working. I have a great fear that if we do not make some seismic shifts in the way we practically live out our faith and intentionally engage our communities with the tangible love of Jesus, we will miss entire generations in the coming decades. For the greater Kingdom’s sake, this is a mistake we cannot afford to make.
On August 1, my book, Church in the Middle, comes out. I invite you to buy a copy, read it and see if it can be a tool that better enables you and your congregation to exit the building and make a tangible difference for Christ.

2 thoughts on “Attractional to Missional

  1. Rusty Hastings

    How true you are PastorRolland.Our Christ said at his return would he find faith upon the earth? Yes our God said to the first church in the book of acts our God adds to the church.Actions are so much better then emty buildings.There is joy,love,righteous,and power to thr churches towittnness to all generations of people.People should hunger and thirst for what our Christ has done on the Cross and resurrection and victory over death.Yes thank our God for you PastorRolland to bring the thruth forward for all to read Thank you Rusty Hastings