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Jesus and brokenness

Brokenness hits us all. I wish it were not so, but it is. It is not a question of if, but when. The truth is this world is a broken place. That is not by God’s design, but by mankind’s choice to choose self over God’s greater desire and design. The outcome was a world where brokenness is reality and choices sometimes have dire consequences. If we are honest, that is many times the case in our own lives.

The good news (literally) is that God would not leave the world, or us, that way. In the midst of hurt, brokenness, pain, and suffering He sent his Son to this crazy world. The Bible tells us He came to live among us. Imagine that, the Divine, choosing to come to a place so un-divine. Please know Jesus experienced all of that suffering, pain, and unjustness with every blow of the hammer that nailed Him to the Cross. He did so not only to pay the price for our wrongs and sins, but He also came to experience and understand our hurt, pain, joy, laughter, and struggles. You see, Jesus knew what it was like to be shunned and have those closest to Him walk away when He needed them most. On our behalf, He was unjustly accused and abused (Isaiah 53); yet still made His way to the Cross for us. The depth of this love still amazes me.

When our oldest son, Tyler, was born with spina-bifida and had 7 major surgeries following, I questioned, I hurt, I cried out; and I found a God more gracious, strong, and compassionate than I ever imagined. He didn’t leave me in my pain, but made His way into it. He didn’t mind my questions; He was big enough at every moment to handle them. At every point, He made His way to me and sometimes carried me when I couldn’t carry myself.

Trust me, Ellen and I heard all the pat answers; and sometimes they would make me angry beyond description. But, in the end, I came to understand that people mean well, they just don’t know that pain until they pass through it. Each of us responds differently when we pass through these extreme measures of life. The cost and consequences sometimes break even the strongest faith into fractured measures. Yet, Jesus in His limitless grace and mercy keeps trudging forward making His way through the many layers of our hurts and pain.

Please know, that is why this man called Jesus means so much to me. He has passed through this life with all of its brokenness. He has seen and experienced humanity at its worst. The cross was the result of the worst in action. Yet, through His brokenness He wraps our faults and wrongs with His all-consuming grace and mercy. I not only find that remarkable; but simply put, I have found Jesus to be enough for this life.

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