4 Thirteen

Potential in the hands of God

The wonderful thing about potential is that it is limitless in God’s hands. Rest assured, God sees no limitations to our gifts and abilities. His only question is how much will we entrust Him with? Please know, you can give Him little or you can give Him all. Most people give little but few dare to give Him all. Those who give all, live life on a different plane than those who choose to manage their own affairs.
This is what makes the difference. God pours out blessings according to the potential we give Him. When we hold on to potential, then we limit the amount God has to work with. Little potential = little return. Total potential = total return. The equation is not hard to figure; it is just hard to decide to hold nothing back.
That is my prayer for all of us. I pray we hold nothing back and give ourselves totally and completely to Jesus. As we do, may He exponentially meet our potential with His blessing and favor. Let us trust in the fact that the results can transcend anything humanly possible as the Divine changes everything it touches. Remember, potential is limitless in God’s hands as long as it is given completely to Him.