4 Thirteen

We do feet

We do feet

In John 3, Peter adamantly protest Jesus role as foot washer, “No, Lord, you will never ever wash my feet!” In response Jesus pointedly replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.”

Notice the phrase Jesus uses, “You won’t belong to me.” The words mean to be identified with someone or something. It is that distinguishing trait or characteristic that connects us to a definitive lineage. For some, this might mean a particular tattoo, a large nose, a fish sign on the bumper of your car or the particular type of computer you carry.

For Jesus, the towel was the defining symbol and serving others was the defining task. Our belonging to Him will be defined by our willingness to bow before another and serve him or her. In fact, part of the DNA that defines us as followers of Jesus will contain the genetic code servant.

Jesus did not leave this to chance or interpretation when he said, “And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet.” No, the bottom line is this: In Jesus’ service, we are not only foot soldiers, but feet washers.

Our biggest question today is how do we make the towel an everyday part of our lives? In most cases, we relegate the towel to an annual Maundy Thursday event where a few of us gather together and actually wash one another’s feet. Trust me; Jesus’ desire is for the action of the towel to be a defining part of our lives. The simplest way I know to fulfill this is to look around you and ask:

Who does my life come in contact with that needs to be
loved, listened to or cared for?

When you answer that, just begin entering that person’s life in a practical, personal and caring way. When you do, the towel of Jesus will be wrapped all around you.

Elizabeth Nordquist wrote, “When you belong to Jesus, you can no longer write on your resume, “I don’t do feet, because that is exactly what you do. The reason is because that is exactly what Jesus did.”

Our truth: We do feet.