4 Thirteen

Who are you?

Each day life presents us with ample opportunities for our actions to define who we are as followers of Jesus. Every interaction with another human being determines whether grace or judgment will be the constant that people recognize in our actions and attitudes.

It begins with how we perceive others. If people are seen as a nuisance and interruption to us, then the nuisance vibe will precede us in how folks are welcomed into our midst. Every person has that extrasensory notion of whether or not they are welcomed or endured. Grace welcomes the same way judgment endures.

Our defining moments are also dependent upon how we engage folks who do make their way into our sphere of influence. The grace of engagement is determined by our willingness to make kindness the dominating factor of our time with another. The unique thing about kindness is that we sometimes treat it like a limited commodity and judgment makes us reluctant to share it generously with others. On the other hand, grace opens the flood gates to kindness and makes it available to all who enter our midst without hesitation or reservation.

In truth, these defining moments are determined by how we utilize pause, ponder and pray in our daily lives. The following steps are simple.

Pause before reacting to the person or situation; too many times, weariness or frustration causes us to react initially instead of respond accordingly.

Ponder before you act, speak or allow your emotions to carry you where you shouldn’t be.

Pray before judgment overtakes your treatment of others. It is amazing how a simple moment with Jesus can change your outlook and demeanor.

Many times whether grace or judgment define you as a believer is determined by how well you learn to pause, ponder & pray.

2 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. John Blake

    Being created in His Image, I have extrapolated that scripture into variations that explain our daily walk. I believe our spirit, is quite powerful and precedes us everywhere we go. I have anecdotal evidence from home. When given over to The Lord our Spirits become quite powerful, for His glory. In the opposite, a human spirit not given over to the Lord can become evil. Projection of said Spirit or spirit is quite easy to fathom.