4 Thirteen

Jesus and prayer

In Matthew 6, Jesus is not so concerned with how we pray, as much as He is concerned with why we pray. The truth is, the intent of our prayers influences the impact of our prayers. For Christ, prayer is a time of genuine and sincere worship. It is a time that we bring ourselves, our concerns, our praise and total dependence to the Lord of our lives. He states that without the right intent, our shallow words are “all the reward we will ever get.”

Jesus directs us to enter prayer with no pretense, no put on, no concern with how our words impress others. Let our only intent be to bring before the Lord a genuine heart and spirit of openness toward Him.

It is with the right intent that He implores us to take these two steps toward sincerity.
1. Don’t be a hypocrite or try to be someone we’re not; just be you because God knows who you are anyway.
2. Don’t try to sound spiritual, because canned phrases don’t impress God.

At the core of this teaching, Jesus is reminding us that:

Sincerity + humility + honesty = effective prayer.

A simple reminder to not do the right thing, for the wrong reasons.

3 thoughts on “Jesus and prayer

  1. Wayne Anderson

    Thanks Rolland! Our church just began a 40-Day Prayer Challenge yesterday (based on Mark Batterson’s book, “Draw the Circle”). Timely word, my friend! Blessings…

  2. Sue Justice

    One of my greatest joys in prayer is coming to the One who knows me the best, loves me the most. It’s an intimate dialogue and relationship more than an “activity” to produce “results”….I agree….come as you are….dialogue with the Almighty who LOVES us & is deeply concerned and involved with everything we bring to discuss with Him! Bless you, Pastor Rolland. Thanks for your share!