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Church in the Middle

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Approximately 150 million Americans are not engaged with any religious community. (U.S. Religion Census)

Churches have the opportunity to share the hope of the Gospel with millions of people living in a broken world. However, as we look to the future, rapid changes in society are causing approaches to ministry to become ineffective. An attractional approach, where we rely on people to come to our churches to be introduced to Jesus, isn’t going to be enough. Our congregations will be most effective in reaching coming generations when we exit our buildings and engage people as Jesus did, in servanthood, compassion and love.

But how can churches make that shift?

This workbook is designed for the “church in the middle”—the church that is caught between an operating with an attractional approach to ministry and a desire to get outside its walls and engage the community missionally. This book identifies the challenges facing all churches, provides tools for you to assess the present practices at your church, and helps you create and implement new ways for your church to build relationships with your community. Perfect for use by congregations, small groups, adult classes, leadership training, or individuals, it will walk you through practical steps to help prepare your church to reach the generations of tomorrow


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