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When you lose the best

Just over a week ago the best man I ever knew passed away. After a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s, my dad went silently and peacefully into the arms of his Savior. It must be noted that although his death was without effort or struggle, his life was the epitome of a life that shouted generosity and kindness.

As my father moved graciously through life, the people he met were given the benefit of the doubt as he offered a willingness to look beyond the past and had an innate ability to know when a person simply needed a kind word. Time after time, I witnessed his capacity to treat all people with a respect that looked beyond the color of their skin or their socio-economic status.

For some, generosity and kindness seem to be a chore to muster up. With each situation, they must choose whether this is a moment worthy of their effort to treat another human being in a humane way. For my dad, those two traits were like taking his next breath.  They came effortlessly and without any thought of what it might take to make them happen.

It goes without saying that my life was shaped and made better by this incredible man. Yet, I find myself at this moment wondering what to do with the loss I have experienced. Please know, my selfishness is not so great that I do not realize the blessing I was given for the past 57 years. No son could have asked or expected more and no son could have been given a greater model to follow. I simply realize that my life was intimately intertwined with the best and my future holds no substitute for his presence. Today, my blessing is that he is in a better place and my life has the potential and privilege to expand his legacy. It is just not easy when you lose the best.

6 thoughts on “When you lose the best

  1. Cal Bloom


    I’ll be praying for you, and am available if you’d like to talk about what you’re experiencing.


  2. RLH

    Rolland: I wasn’t sure how to connect with both you and Danny quickly, so…I didn’t. I want you to know I really, really liked and appreciated Everett. He was a kind, gentle, and soft-spoken man. Our meetings were few and far between, but he always exuded that of a “southern gentleman.” I speak from experience when I say, “You will reflect on him more now than when he was with you. Memories will catch your attention every day, and you will never forget him.” Please pass along my best wishes to Danny. Thank you. RLH

  3. Ellen Daniels

    The cool part about this loss is that we have the privilege of carrying on Dad Daniels’ legacy. How blessed are we? What a gem! So thankful I got the privilege of being his daughter in love!

  4. Debra (Debbie Scarborough) Dean

    So wonderfully said, Rolland! Your dad was a wonderful, kind, caring and giving man. My parents always thought so much of him and your mom as well. I have very fond memories of times spent at baseball games, etc. while we were all growing up. My husband, Charlie who had the privilege of being his Home Health nurse thought so much of your dad. He felt the same about your mom. Your family was blessed and Danny, Lawana and you did indeed have a wonderful dad.
    Continuing to remember you and your family in my prayers. Debra Scarborough Dean